welcome1Nicholas Sironka says……..

”I am a Kenyan Maasai visual artist with a God given talent.
In the year 2000 to 2001, I had the great honor of being awarded the prestigious Fulbright award, by the government of the United States of America.

As a scholar in residence, I taught Batik art and Maasai Culture at Whitworth College – Spokane, Washington.
I also taught in countless elementary, high schools, colleges and Universities in other States around the country.

In 2001, I returned home and immediately embarked on a personal quest to uplift the living conditions of our people, the Maasai. I have since then returned to the United States of America as an artist in residence, and as leader of “The Friends of Sironka Dance Troupe” over 15 times!


Batik Art and Culture workshops:welcome2

I have now reverted to my life as a visual artist. I will continue to articulate and present facets of Maasai Culture through my painting.

I shall also continue to hold lectures, and use my art residencies to help bring about greater understanding of our people and Culture.

My work must continue to enhance peace and goodwill amongst all mankind, and uplift the lives of many of our people.

I welcome invitations to teach Batik art, and lecture on the Maasai Culture anywhere in the world.


This scholarship & sponsorship initiative program makes school fees payment for Maasai girls possible.

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