Cultural Ambassador

cultu1To be Cultural ambassador, is not just a noble, but indeed a patriotic position that every Kenyan should take when in another country. I am happy to state that I have for the past ten to twelve years proudly represented my country Kenya!

As an artist in residence at schools, Colleges, Universities and public events, my work has been and will continue to be very much a hands-on effort to help create greater understanding and cohesion of not just the people of Kenya and the United States of America, but with people from all ether parts of the world.

Culture Center:

Today I am in the process of establishing a theme village and culture center in my home town in Kajiado District, Kenya. I believe that such an institution can serve to not only to educate the local youth on our cultural heritage, but also help to motivate and increase the number of foreigners visiting Kenya.

The Culture center will provide an educative and authoritative reference point for many visitors to our country, and help bring greater understanding by the outside world, of our cultural diversity.

As a Kenyan artist, I have learnt firsthand that Kenyan artists face a major setback in their quest for success and better living conditions. This is largely due to lack of exposure, recognition by the very institutions at home, mandated to nurture and support them, and the decline in the number of visitors coming to our country.
As I work to promote Kenya out there, I hope to help eradicate this setback for our talented artists.

US Summer Cultural festival:

As Cultural ambassador, I propose to work with the Kenyan Embassy in the US capital Washington DC, in putting together the first ever KENYAN CULTURAL FESTIVAL in 2011in the United States of America!

This event being the first of its kind would hopefully feature well known Kenyan personalities like Wangari Mathai, Tegla Lorupe, Paul Tergat.

Kenya Cultural festival:

Back at home, another event of this kind will be held at what ought to be the “center of convergence” of all of Kenya’s cultures, the Bomas of Kenya!

I envision the establishment of Kenyan Cultural centers throughout the United States of American, and the subsequent establishment of Kenyan cultural centers in other parts of the world!

My work will also spearhead Cultural exchange programs for students from the United States and indeed other parts of the world, to come and study and live in Kenyan villages with Kenyan families.