His Acting Portfolio

Nicholas Sironka, a well known published artist /painter and actor, was born in Narok in the Rift valley province of Kenya. A Maasai by tribe, he has had major roles in major African based movies since 1997.

Acting Career:
 Year  Film  Role
  • 1997  Tough Choices  Supporting Actor
  • 1997  Saikati II  Supporting Actor
  • 2000  Forgotten  Police Commissioner
  • 2001  Karanja  Supporting Actor
  • 2001  Cadbury’s Cocoa  Lead Actor
  • 2005  White Maasai  Mini Chief – Supporting Actor
  • 2006  Africa Mon Amour  The Sultan
  • 2008 -2009  Season 2 Cobra Squad  Seargent “Nguvu”
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