The Artist

artist1Nicholas Sironka
, a well known published artist /painter, was born in Narok in the Rift valley province of Kenya. A Maasai by tribe, he has exhibited and sold his art to a wide spectrum of private firms and organizations in Kenya, South Africa, the United States, and Europe. In addition, Sironka is a skilled illustrator, designer, and mural artist.

The Educator:
Sironka’s art interweaves the Maasai culture into large Batik images. Through workshops and seminars, Sironka teaches the techniques and history of Batik art, along with an understanding of the Maasai culture. His philosophy is that art is society, and society is the raw material from which art is made.

A note from Sironka:

For over ten years now, I have sought to inform many on the unique Maasai culture. I have done so by means of large Batik paintings, and lecture presentations.

Today I am happy to say many of my Batiks grace the walls of countless homes, offices, galleries and museums around the world! God has indeed Blessed me with a gift!

I am humbled by the knowledge that by God’s grace, my art, and Cultural lectures have enabled me obtain a Fulbright grant, and taken me half way around the world, and back!
Many from other countries around the world have heeded my calling to come and visit Kenya, our people, and our homes.

We have enjoyed for many years hosting students, professors and researchers in our home in KONA BARIDI, on the Ngong Hills.

Even today, I have invitations to teach Batik art, and give presentations our my Maasai Culture at Universities, Museums, and schools in the United States of America, China and Australia!

It is my desire that through my art, and lectures, the world can move one step closer to Universal peace and understanding between ALL people of the world!

My philosophy

“If I can use my talent to touch another life and make it better, then I will be fulfilling the purpose for which God put me in this world!”

Batik Art and Culture workshops:

I have now reverted to my life as a visual artist. I will continue to articulate and present facets of  Maasai Culture through my painting. I shall also continue to hold lectures, and use my art residencies to help bring about greater understanding of our people and Culture.
My work must continue to enhance peace and goodwill amongst all mankind, and uplift the lives of many of our people.

I welcome invitations to teach Batik art, and lecture on the Maasai Culture anywhere in the world.

As a Maasai Sironka is determined to portray his people’s culture truthfully, with dignity and beauty. With this as his driving force, Sironka continues to sell several poignant and eye-catching Batiks in established galleries and hotels in Kenya, South Africa, United States of America, and United Kingdom.SOME OF HIS BATIKS
Professional Experience:
• Pre-1990 Freelance artist and cover illustrator for magazines.
• 1990 Graphic designer and MD of LAVLI Design Graphics company.
• 1992 Art Director Jacaranda Designs, specializing in children’s books. Mcheshi goes to the market is one of a number of books containing artwork produced under his direction.
• 1992 Worked on assignment, for United Nations High Commissioner for refugees, at Kakuma, Dagahaley and Liboi refugee camps based in Kenya. Taught Somali and Sudanese refugee children how to portray their traumatic experiences through art. “One day we had to run” a book containing works by these children was published by the UNHCR.
• 1993 Asked to present an original Batik artwork to the then First Lady of the Republic of South Africa, Merike De Klerk.
• 2007, 2008, 2009 Led Friends of Sironka dance troupe on three successful tours of the United States of America
• 2008 Attended Storytelling festival in Belgrade, Serbia, as artist in residence.
• 2009 Presented Kenya’s president, H.E. Mwai Kibaki with a Batik painting carrying the president’s portrait, in honor of the president’s visit to “Kona Baridi”, Sironka’s home area to launch the Nation’s tree planting exercise.
Other Assignments:
Friends of conservation: 1994 -1995.
Known as Professor Esidai, Sironka visited Maasai elementary schools and helped children paint murals on their classroom walls of their area habitat and wildlife.School of International studies Vermont: 1996 – 1997.
Workshops on Maasai Culture and Batik art for International students on Exchange programs in Kenya.Cultural consultant: 1997.
“Saikati the Enkabaani”, a film about a young Maasai girl aspiring to become a flying doctor.
Artistic Commissions and Exhibitions:
• 1993 Kenya National Museum, Cultural Festival workshop on Maasai Culture and Batik art.
• 1994-96 Four, one man exhibitions, including one at the British council Nairobi Kenya.
• 1995 United Nations Development Fund for Women:
Sironka designed and crafted the peace torch carried by African women as a sign of unity, to the world conference for Women in Beijing China.
• 1999 Art Exhibition entitled “My people, My pride” held at the Koehler Gallery, Whitworth College Spokane Washington USA.
• 2000-2001 Received Fulbright award to teach Batik Art and Maasai Culture in the United States of America. Taught at Whitworth College in Spokane Washington State.
• 2001 Launched the “Plant a Tree Change a life Scholarship fund” for the education of Maasai girls, through individual Sponsorship from Americans.
• 2002 Founded “The Friends of Sironka Dance Troupe” (a Maasai group of dancers and Artists) and traveled to the United States of America for three months raising funds to help meet the needs of many Maasai families, and help them start living better lives.
• 2003 Friends of Sironka Dance Troupe” members traveled to Korea for two weeks to take part in National walk.
• 2003 Participated and held Batik Art workshops at “Common Grounds on the Hill” Maryland USA.
• 2004 The Friends of Sironka Dance Troupe” members traveled to South Africa for film project.
• 2005 Friends of Sironka Dance Troupe on toured USA and United Kingdom.
• 2006 Taught Maasai Culture and Batik Art, Spring term class at Whitworth College Spokane Washington, USA.

Batik art workshops 27 schools working under the “Foundation for Art and Music in Elementary school – (FAME) in Fort Wayne and Merrillville, Indiana USA.

• 2007 -2008 Led Friends of Sironka dance troupe to two succesful tours of the United States of America.
• 2008 January performed at the Indian museum as part of the Presidential Inauguration celebration ceremonies for newly elected President of the United States of America, Barak Obama.
Participatory Awards:
The Pan-African Book Fair Award for “Mcheshi goes to the Market”.
The prestigious Jomo Kenyatta Award for “Mcheshi goes to the Market”.
The Multicultural Publishers Exchange Book of excellence award presented in San Francisco, at the 1992 Multi Cultural Exchange Annual Convention for “Mcheshi goes to the Market”.