Classes & Workshops

Art by Sironka

My Art and Culture workshops have created greater awareness of the Maasai Culture, and serve as a platform from which I advocate for the preservation, understanding, and cohesion of people from all Cultures.

Batik art and Maasai Culture presentations workshops.

The Maasai Culture told using overhead transparencies, DVD, and my verbal articulation of the same, lasts just under an hour. This overview on Maasai Culture will introduce students, teachers and the public audience to the origins, mythology and present day Maasai people their beliefs and values.

The presentation will also briefly touch on other tribal Culture of Kenya. This segment also informs participants of our community projects, and my efforts as an artist to alleviate poverty, illiteracy and unhealthy living conditions being experienced by the Maasai community.

The Batik art workshop is a hands-on exercise that gives participants an opportunity to literally take part in the application of dye and wax on fabric, learning firsthand the Batik painting process!