Kenya Study Abroad

As part of my quest to advance art as a platform for sharing Cultural awareness and the promotion of our understanding and embracing of one another, I am in the process of mapping out an artist in residence and study abroad program for you out there who would want to learn Batik art, and have a first hand encounter with Maasai Culture!

This will be a one month study program that will not only take students and their professors to Maasai villages, but allow them to spend three nights in Maasai homes!
The climax of this visit will be an individual production of a Batik painting without supervision!


Program Description:

  • General courses & tutorials.
  • Individualized cultural research projects – An appropriation and/or articulation of an insider’s understanding of African Cultural Knowledge through a unique experience courses of 3 wks duration.
  • Programs combining academics and experiential learning.
  • Instruction in the local language as well as internships.
  • Participation in a community project to be determined prior to student travel.
  • Nursing students can attend a Practicum in a local private clinic. This is a rare opportunity for students to receive a real-life experience in a study abroad environment. Non-Nursing students will attend a course in Maasai and other Kenyan Cultures.

Kenya has a developing, social-oriented healthcare sector and is an interesting country to explore the differences between the American and Kenyan model health care at grassroot level and at a community level accessible scale.

Our new Program Itinerary
The study abroad itinerary will seek to combine interesting Cultural experience, subjects of school study, with fantastic scenerey, and community visit and unique tourist site visits and travel.

Key Travel Locations Days in Host Country: 30 days.

Day Activity Duration
Day 1: Arrival in Kenya.
Day 2: Study abroad program orientation.
Excursion 1: Maasai village life experience 1 day
Excursion 2: Home stay experience 2 days
Excursion 3: Work experience (School / Clinic ) 3 days
Excursion 4: Community development project participation 5 days
Excursion 5: Swahili language classes and classes on Kenya, Maasai Culture, and learning 5 days
Excursion 6: Students complement their in-class instruction with in-country travel 12 days

Program Fees:

  • The program fees for Summer 2011: – Non refundable deposit $500.00
  • Program fees: – $1,000.00
  • Total cost excluding air fare: – $1,500.00


  • Itineraries are subject to change, and there is a limit of 1-12.
  • Students are welcome to extend their stay, to travel to tourist attractions of their choice. However our role in maping out this ittinerary is entirely up to the student.